Behind each item, we create stand people, who we value and know personally. Garbage collectors, artisans, designers, and Tailors are ALL part of “GREEN FASHION” local production is sustainably produced in our in-house workshop by our talented local sewers. We constantly work together to develop and improve new products and designs. All our fashion items are produced locally most of the Tailors in the Manufacturing process are women (single mothers and breadwinners women) we empower them and provide them with decent, sustainable work to insure good income and a better lifestyle

  • Enabling 35 women to achieve Permanent income, and enabling also 15 other women to achieve daily income during high production capacity times over a limited period, proportional to the needs of this category
  • 8 children were helped to return to education after dropping out due to the inability of their mothers to pay due to financial obligations.
  • In addition, literacy classes were conducted for women who could not read and write.
  • Medical and physical support was provided to nearly 350 cases between mothers and children with 800 transactions including doctor visitations, lab tests, and X-rays
  • Legal support was provided to 8 cases that hab alimony and other issues
  • All of the above we were able to achieve through our partners and this is due to our keenness to provide support to our target group so that they can work with us in a safe work environment, in a manner that guarantees them and their families a decent life, appropriate education and medical care, as this helps us in raising productivity and being impactful